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I recently returned from a short but amazing holiday in Cyprus on behalf of the Cyprus Tourism Organisation. I openly admit that I have not been a big fan of Nicosia since the beginning of my Cyprus adventure.

One of the first meals I fell in love with Cypriot food was my lunch at the Market Company in Nicosia. I also stopped by Cyprus a few times for coffee and one of my favourites is a small café called Spitiko tis Loukias, where there are many other cafes.

This restaurant serves a delicious buffet of Cyprus delicacies and the atmosphere is also ideal for special occasions. Art Cafe 1900 is a great place for a special occasion, such as weddings, birthdays, weddings and other special events.

Cyprus is a divided country, the southern part of the island is the free Greek part and the northern part is an occupied territory. The guide will take you to the Turkish occupied part, where my birthplace is located. I am half Greek Cypriot And I come from the enclave of Famagusta , so my guide took me to this birthplace, by the way. Like the other major museums, this exhibition at Leventis Museum is well thought out and takes us through the history of Nicosia and Cyprus.

Despite the general perception, there is a clear difference between Cypriot and Greek courts. Cyprus is sandwiched between Greece and Turkey and has been heavily influenced by its neighbours, while at the same time giving its cuisine its own unique blend of history and tradition. The style of cooking in Cyprus is very different from that of the rest of Greece, Turkey, Greece's neighbour.

Pantopolio Kali Orexi is a Greek restaurant with a fresh, modern feel. The friendly and warm atmosphere ensures that Pyxida is always well attended and it is considered one of the best fish restaurants in Cyprus. Zanettos is a rustic gem with tables full of sardines and friendly staff, while Pyxesida's is the busiest. Cypriot and Turkish cuisine - inspired by charcoal - grilled seftali, served hot or cold with meze. This includes the mixed grill-gyro, which is served here as a plate, as well as many other dishes.

Unfortunately we do not have a specific Cypriot restaurant in Dubai, but if anyone wants to open one in CyprusDiva, maybe? Greek restaurants, most of which opened last year, have a much more modern feel than those outside Cyprus. If you are looking for an exceptional dining experience, here are some of the best restaurants on the island of Cyprus to choose from. This delicious wealth of culinary gems consists of restaurants in Nicosia and Ayia Napolitana, as well as those you can find in other parts of Europe and even the Middle East.

If you want a more exquisite experience of fine dining, don't miss your chance to visit these fantastic places. Here is a complete guide to help you find the famous restaurants and eateries you can enjoy in Cyprus. If you are looking for Cyprus, you will also find it in our list of the best restaurants in the Middle East and Europe.

Here, we must avoid an additional word of warning, in order to avoid eating and drinking in the so-called tourist strip of Nicosia, which should be avoided at all costs. Visit Buyuk Han, which is on our sightseeing list for Northern Cyprus and Nicosia, and also on our list of the best restaurants in Cyprus.

As mentioned above, we would not do without anything other than Mediterranean cuisine in Cyprus, but we appreciate the typical Greek dishes, which consist of local - marinated chicken gyro. Japanese restaurant that also houses some of the best seafood restaurants in Nicosia, as well as a number of other restaurants. You might also want to try the Pyxida fish tavern before heading to the more Middle Eastern-influenced cuisine at Fanous, which focuses on Lebanese cuisine with a Mediterranean twist. This is a modern Arab restaurant that brings modern Lebanese cuisine to Cyprus and gives it a touch of Mediterranean flavour.

Ouzo is an anise-flavoured aperitif that we first tasted in Greece many years ago and that we could not understand at the time. We recommend to try the best in the world, combining the culture of Cyprus with the flavors of the Mediterranean such as olive oil, lemon, garlic, ginger and ginger, and a touch of wine.

These are just a few meals we tried in Nicosia, but we had excellent food during our time in Cyprus. The restaurants themselves are ridiculously cool, with exposed brick walls, outdoor seating and a great atmosphere. Cypriot food is, to put it in a word, consistently the best food we have ever tasted, and the food was very good for what we tasted in Cyprus.

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More About Nicosia