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We have a blast for you today as Cyprus Insider introduces you to one of the most exciting new artists in the world of Cypriot music, the Cypriot DJ.

Wine and cocktail bars may be on trend these days, but sometimes a little live music can really liven up a night. Head to one of Cyprus "most popular nightclubs, where a motley crew of Rembetika musicians gather to play and enchant the crowd. At events like this, the main players in the Cypriot music scene, including DJs from all over the country, as well as local artists, fill the cosy little room with booming beats all night long! What could be nicer to have fun and let your hair down than a good old fashioned dance party?

Atout is also a regular place, but it gets quite noisy at weekends when the house - brewed zivania - goes into operation and regular suitors start improvised traditional Cypriot dance lessons. This atmospheric little room also hosts excellent jazz and blues sessions with local bands such as Rumba Attack, so don't forget your seats as they quickly get booked up! The space has also hosted a number of events, including the annual Cyprus Music Festival, where both sides are split into two separate stages, each with its own set list of music.

This beautifully designed little space blends seamlessly into its cool interior and outdoor spaces, and more importantly, the commitment of its owners to planning live events on a weekly basis is reflected in the quality of the music and the number of events they host. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular venues for live music in Cyprus, but widespread cancellations, events and closures of facilities have a huge impact on the art scene around the world.

An established favourite on the scene, Ennalax offers a wide range of live music events, from a rocking Saturday at the popular Coin Drop to a diverse mix of local and international artists, all performed in this intimate little venue.

Located in the heart of Larnaca, just a few blocks from the city centre, Ravens Music Hall has all the ingredients to make it a place of live music. They host a wide range of local and international artists as well as international acts and are home to local rock legend Lopodytes, who entertains the audience with his live shows. Savino (who lives mostly in L Carnaca) is known for having some of the best artists in the world on his stage over the years, and this year he is hosting his first ever live show at the Ravens.

The Library Bar is best known for its curated cocktail menu and is the perfect place to listen to quality music while sipping delicious cocktails. Timothy's Art Bar captivates with eccentric characters and ambient peculiarities, which only makes it more charming. In Balance, this room also hosted some of the best live music performances in the city, as well as some great food and drinks.

Formerly known as Avlaia, DownTown Live in Nicosia is a packed stage with live music, food, drinks and more. This fundraiser is supported by a wide range of organisations, including the NicOSIA Music Foundation, the Cypriot Chamber of Commerce, Artio and Cloud10 Promotions. We would like to make it clear that the funds will not be made available to these institutions, nor will they benefit from them.

If you love music and have the resources to provide urgent support, please consider donating to the relief fund. This is an emergency fund that helps with rent, food, utilities and medical expenses if one of you is in need. How do the funds get to the music professionals: The funds are transferred directly to them via online banking.

Where the funds go: The amount of money spent on the music professionals depends on how much money they receive, how much relative income each artist has lost as a result of cancelling events or closing venues, and how many of them are applied for. 100% of the fund will go to those who have been significantly affected financially by COVID-19, such as those whose income has been lost due to cancellations, events or closures of their venues.

The total amount of donations and the total number of applications received will determine the number of musical professions to be supported. Oso kai, sunoliko poso pou tha analephthei, posos pous tha uposterikhthoun, oso oos oo oodos dikonikos, niki nika nada Naka nita

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