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Welcome to QBIC Cyprus Intercontinental Hotel, a brand new boutique hotel located in the heart of Larnaca, on the beautiful island of Cyprus. This new, elegant downtown hotel welcomes travelers to boutique hotels in Cyprus. If you want to enjoy all the splendor of the real Cyprus, head into the beautiful surroundings and welcome you to the qbic Cypriot InterContinental Hotel.

This is the section of Cyprus Cars where you can find all cars sold by Cypriot car dealers and private owners in Limassol. We offer a wide range of cars of the best brands on the Cypriot car market and learn more about the warranty of your vehicle through our Cypriot BAZAR partner program.

This is a list of hotels that are operated in Limassol and the city of Cyprus, compared to other hotels in the same area and in other parts of the Cypriot city.

Cyprus Garages is one of the most popular hotels in Limassol and the largest hotel in the city of Cyprus. Cyprus Manufacturers is the only hotel of its kind on the island of Cyprus, with a total capacity of more than 1,000 rooms.

After 40 years of honest hard work, ETEX has become one of the most popular car rental companies in Cyprus and the world, and we welcome you to Nicosia. The company offers you the possibility to rent a car for free, starting from just a few euros per day or even as little as 20 euros. Enjoy the ultimate car - rental experience of Cyprus at 1722 NicOSia Ind for only 10 euros a day.

Car Connection is the source of all information about new cars, buying and selling new and used cars for under 1% on our website. Andy's Motors is widely regarded as one of the most popular car dealers in Cyprus and the world. Cyprus Ford cars bebe in the section where you can find Ford car for sale in Cyprus.

The Paris Motors Agency Ltd. was founded in 1971 and was then an importer of Citroen to Cyprus and then the rest of the world.

InterContinental Hotels Group PLC is the holding company of the Group and is registered in England and Wales and registered in the United Kingdom. It markets and operates as the world's most well-known hotel brand of hotels, resorts and resorts in Europe, North America and Asia.

We are pleased to expand our presence in Cyprus and other Mediterranean countries as one of the world's leading comprehensive tourism companies. We look forward to further strengthening and expanding our relationship with Hilton International both in Cyprus and abroad. Cyprus is already a popular European holiday destination and Larnaca is becoming a real economic and leisure centre for the country, "commented Hilton Cyprus CEO Dr George Stavros. I am very excited about the future of our partnership with InterContinental Hotels Group PLC and we are committed to strengthening and expanding the relationship between Hilton International and Cyprus abroad. "

Learn about the world's best design hotels on Tripadvisor and see the full list of InterContinental Hotel Group PLC hotels in Cyprus.

This is a unique hideaway in the heart of the city of Nicosia, Cyprus, just outside the capital of Cyprus. The hotel also boasts the best design hotel in the world in Cyprus and one of the best hotels in Europe.

There are 380 rural villages in the Republic and Limassol is the capital of the Republic of Cyprus and the second largest city after Nicosia. It is located 7 kilometres west of Limassesol and is home to about 1,000 inhabitants and about 2,500 inhabitants.

Although the city does not have as many archaeological sites as Paphos, it is a treasure trove of museums and art galleries. The Cyprus Museum has artefacts from the 9th century The museum of Leventis is home to the largest collection of ancient art in the Republic of Cyprus and the second largest in Europe after Nicosia.

Check out the Scimitar, a collection of candid photos and videos showing vehicles from the last century. Look at the history of the automotive industry in Cyprus from its beginnings to the present day.

Flag on the beach of Phinikoudes, please do not hesitate to contact us with your request by email, phone, SMS or email for more information. Find directions and get a free guide to get from the Nicosia International Hotel to the other side of the island in the town of Phinsia.

The best hotels in Cyprus, selected by our experts, include the best boutique hotels in Cyprus, such as the Nicosia International Hotel. When you book a boutique hotel in Cyprus, you will find a wide range of services that are personally served to you, from the service of the hotel staff to the quality of the food and drinks.

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