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When visiting Cyprus, Larnaca and its surroundings may not be the first region you will think of. Cyprus is heavily dependent on tourism, with its tempting Mediterranean cuisine, beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery. Tourists tend to overlook Nicosia, in favour of the countless seaside resorts that stretch along the coast of Cyprus.

This vibrant, colourful and interesting city offers a wide range of accommodation options, including a selection of luxury hotels. Finding the best hotels in Cyprus can be difficult, but finding accommodation in the city can sometimes be the best option. With Hotelscan it is very easy to save money on your next booking and you can find some of the good hotels throughout Cyprus right here on our Nicosia Cyprus Hotels page.

Hotelscan shows you the excellent hotels in Nicosia, including a wide range ranging from budget accommodation to some of the more luxurious properties in Cyprus. Hotelscan offers hotels and Cyprus museum stays at prices you can afford under PS28 And it compares all the hotels in the city, from the cheapest to the most expensive, to choose the hotel that suits your budget. Stay is just one click away and we only show you the selected hotels for NicOSia, but in the sortable list of all hotels in Cyprus you will find a complete list.

You can get tested in Cyprus, but you will have to stay in isolation for a day in a designated accommodation. The first group includes citizens of Cyprus and foreigners, as well as citizens of other countries. Aircraft coming from a country not belonging to this group may only carry Cypriot citizens or foreign nationals permanently resident in Cyprus or with special permits.

Surrounded by lush forests in the village of Spilia, Eftychia House offers a fully equipped kitchen, private balcony and terrace to enjoy mountain views. It offers self-catering accommodation with a balcony overlooking a lush valley and vineyards. If you want to enjoy all the splendor of the real Cyprus, then immerse yourself in its natural beauty and is the ideal place to relax.

The hotel has a bar, lounge and gourmet restaurant, which serves a wide range of food and drinks, as well as wine and beer. Look forward to well-equipped rooms with private balconies and private terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. From the hotel you can walk to the beach or even to a beach restaurant in the village of Kalymnos.

Spend some time strolling through the old town and enjoy a quiet respite from the noise and dust of the city. Visit the beautifully restored 14th century Turkish baths, stroll through the large vaulted passages and spend time scattered around the ancient city, along the ancient Venetian walls of the 14th century. Don't be afraid to look for ideas and inspiration and try the salad at the restaurant below for a healthy, light lunch. There is a great opportunity to visit the Gate of Famagusta and walk along its large vaults and passages.

In the heart of Nicosia, the 4-star Hotel Cleopatra offers beautiful views of the city, a beautiful garden and a great location for a relaxing evening. Located in Kakopetria (a traditional village in the Troodos Mountains), the hotel is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cyprus and the most popular hotel in Cyprus.

You just have to make sure that the place where you are staying has easy access to the public transport network to reach the areas you want to visit and visit. There are bus lines and private taxis in the city, which you can use to get around. There is the Hilton Park in Nicosia, which is a 10 minute drive from the city centre, and there is public transport to all the main tourist attractions of the capital as well as other parts of the country, such as the Troodos Mountains.

Be sure to visit one of the most famous areas of the city, Leda Street, as soon as you arrive in Nicosia. It is a shopaholic's paradise and is also the most popular shopping street in Cyprus and the capital of Greece.

Although the city does not have as many archaeological sites as Paphos, it is still a treasure trove of museums and art galleries. The Cyprus Museum has artefacts from the 9th century The Leventis Museum houses the largest collection of ancient art in the world and one of the oldest museums in Cyprus.

This stylish boutique hotel is ideal for couples and solo travellers looking for a chic place in the middle of a vibrant city. In 2015, it was included in the Historic Hotels of America organization, and in November 2019, Hilton opened a five-star hotel in Tashkent.

Set in a 200-year-old 14th-century stone house, this guest house offers air-conditioned rooms with traditional décor. The best feature of the rooms, however, is the huge private bathroom, which has a bathtub, private shower and shower cabin. The traditional Turkish bath is made of stone and the same material as the original stone walls and walls of this historic house.

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