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So we have ended our trip to the State Gallery of Contemporary Art and there is some good news I would like to share with you. Today we visit the Cypriot Art Gallery in Nicosia, one of the most important art galleries in the country. The gallery is located on the second floor of a large building in central Athens and has an exhibition hall, an archive and a library with information on Cypriot art and artists.

It is a space that breathes new life into contemporary Cypriot art, highlighting the works of local artists on the one hand and involving the international art community on the other. Although the gallery houses paintings, sculptures and decorative art, and the exhibits are constantly changing, the eclectic mix of works from Eurasian states that tell the story of their people, who are driven to artistic perfection, is a constant source of inspiration for telling the stories of people, their history and their quest for artistic perfection.

The mythological themes that run like a thread through contemporary Cyprus art are not new to local artists, but they have always inspired painters to look for allegorical images of different stories. The old ones exist, sometimes in a much changed state, and they continue to enrich Cypriot art, which has become one of the most important sources of inspiration for artists from all over the world.

For more examples of street art in Cyprus, visit the fantastic Street Art Cyprus website. Those who are interested in the world of art and have seen the works of artists such as Kostas Mihalakis, Yiannis Kastelos, Dimitris Giorgos and many others will find similar elements in their works. The new mythology that emerges in art from Cyprus can be seen in the exhibitions of the gallery, where the works of these painters are shown.

If you go to the third floor, you can see the works of artists such as Kostas Mihalakis, Dimitris Giorgos and Yiannis Kastelos, and in the gallery there is an exhibition of their works. There is a gallery with works by Dimitrios Kravitsas, born in 1944 and created in the 1970s, and works by the painter and sculptor Nikos Papadopoulos, who was born in the 1960s.

There is also a gallery of paintings found in the National Art Museum in Athens, as well as an art museum in the city centre.

The most famous artist in Cyprus, however, was Andreas Timopulos (1881 - 1953), who devoted his life to the fine arts and studied sculpture in Greece and Athens. Italian and Byzantine art, influenced by his influences, and he contributed to the development of contemporary Cypriot art as a painter who unceasingly held on to his vocation. The first generation of Cypriot artists is represented in the National Art Museum in Athens and in a number of galleries and museums in Cyprus. Artworks that have been created in a row show the work of Cypriot artists who unfortunately died so soon, but managed to cover a wide range of subjects, such as sculpture, painting, photography, ceramics and sculpture.

While the existing building on Stasinou Street will retain its museum role, Neue Galerie staff will focus on the latest works by Cypriot artists, while the state-owned collection of the National Museum of Art of Cyprus will soon be housed there. Part of the Centre's ongoing goal is to open a new exhibition space for contemporary art in Cyprus and to present the works of artists such as Andreas Timopulos, Yiannis Papadopoulos, Kostas Kastelis and Yiannakos Kourou internationally to the Cypriot public.

Numerous painters and sculptors have worked in Cyprus, but the municipal art centre of Nicosia is the most notable, with an extensive permanent collection of paintings and regularly hosts temporary exhibitions. European paintings in the Makarios Cultural Foundation or, alternatively, is really something very special. The best pieces on display here are those from the Dimitris Pierides Museum, with which I have a strong connection. cultural services that promote local artists and keep the state collections of modern Cypriot art for permanent exhibitions, and the National Art Museum of Cyprus.

The Cyprus College of Art offers courses for postgraduate art students in the villages of Lemba and Paphos, and the silversmithing practised on the island is the best - internationally known - expression of art. The Turkish-Greek Cypriot community has an active film industry, and the cities of Lefkara and Nicosia have produced some of the world's most famous films, such as "The Black Sea" and "Avengers: Age of Ultron." Cyprus's films have won several awards at international competitions. With an emerging and diverse cultural scene, Cyprus has announced itself as an independent world market leader and presents itself in abundance with both modern and traditional art.

Here, in a rather small space, you will find the works of an already recognized generation of artists: the first to have studied abroad. In the second room on the right you will find a collection of women artists who have become famous for their work in the fields of sculpture, ceramics, painting and photography. There are a number of works by artists such as Katerina Giorgos, founder of the Cypriot Academy of Fine Arts, but no modern audience has been able to find them.

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More About Nicosia